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5 Contemporary Fine Jewelry Pieces to Add To Your Collection

Jewelry will make or break an outfit. Styled correctly, the perfect necklace can jazz-up your worn-out work dress, and a ring can make any handshake more memorable. And a pair of simple studs can tie together your look so simple, you’ll never leave the house without them!

Building your jewelry collection can seem daunting, so start with your base and focus on a few essentials. Instead of loading up on tons of jewelry and finding yourself overwhelmed under a pile of accessories, start with several classic pieces that you can wear across outfits.

Picking items that define you and complete your style are important, as are investing in quality pieces that will last a long time. When building your jewelry wardrobe, select simple styles that will work well together. Then, pick an item or two that stands out, for those days you need some extra fashion energy. Choosing jewelry on trend is good, but finding pieces that are uniquely your style is ideal. In the end, you’ll be more comfortable in jewelry that you love than in pieces you feel like you must own.

1. The “Manspired” Watch

Large watch-faces have been in style for several seasons, and are no longer just for gentlemen. And as a modern woman, you have places to go! Make sure you get there on time with a man-inspired watch style, featuring a larger analog face.

You can opt for the classic metal links, or a more flexible leather strap. There are also studded, beaded, and glittery watchbands for bolder stylists. Whatever your band selection, the larger the watch face, the better! Season favorites are rose and grey tones, or brown leather with gold accents. Sophisticated and practical, these watches are a must for every woman’s arsenal.

2. Spectacular Studs

Studs are a woman’s best friend; Her go-to fashion accessory for a complete, polished look. Gold and silver studs match with just about everything, and pair nicely with larger necklaces and ornate collars and necklines. Opt for studs that are comfortable and light, and you’ll find yourself forgetting you have them on! Barely there, these accessories will travel with you wherever you want to go.

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Small pearl or crystal studs are another way to jazz up the basics, and you can opt for larger or smaller sizes depending on your preference. You can also purchase those with safety backs to wear in the pool during the summer! Just be careful of silver tarnishing, or gold-plated jewelry chipping when in contact with chlorine and ocean salt water.

3. One Ring to Rule Them All

Who said you had to wait for a man to put a ring on it? Married or not, every woman should have an everyday ring. A simple stone worn on the right ring finger is an instant favorite. Also, a gold band on your pointer or middle finger becomes an easy statement piece.

Try the layering trend, with an easily-stackable ring. You can also match it with knuckle-rings for a more modern take. Dainty or bold, you can ground your jewelry style with your right hand. Be sure to find a ring that won’t tarnish, since you’ll likely be getting your hands wet wearing this ring so often.

4. Pearl Perfection

What is more classic than a strand of pearls? Audrey Hepburn famously wore hers on the set of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, forever establishing these natural necklaces as the standard of classy jewelry. Sophisticated and simple, pearls never go out of style. And bonus, they go with everything!

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Try a strand that hugs your neckline, with a gold clasp for a gorgeous final accent. Or, you can have a long pearl necklace and knot the bottom for a contemporary version, which looks fantastic with a black sheath dress and crew neckline. Classic pearls are a closet staple, but natural pearls are making a comeback in this year’s fashion lines. Black, blue, pink, and opaque, you have pearls of every shape, size, and color to choose from. Find those which fit your style best!

5. The Everyday Necklace

It’s important for every woman’s closet to have the everyday necklace, the one most easily worn and forgotten to remove. Once you find your favorite necklace, you will wear it as if it is part of your body. You will swim, shower, sleep, and live with this necklace on (even though you aren’t supposed to). This is because this necklace is effortless, with a dainty chain and simple gemstone or pendant, and easily forgotten because it is so light.

The best part of the everyday necklace is that it can be worn alone, or as the base to layered necklaces. Gold or silver are easy to pair with other accessories, especially now that the two metals are mixed and matched seamlessly.

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Lynn Lewis is a freelance writer and personal stylist based in Los Angeles, CA. She has clients throughout LA, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood, including Liven Co. She loves writing about fashion and accessories. In her free time, she spends her days roaming boutiques to find the newest trends to bring to her clients.

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